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2017 Friendship Force Policies:                English | 日本語 | Deutsch | Français | Português


2017 Leadership Information Form:        Form
2017 Club Charter Renewal:                PDF*


Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance: MSWord PDF
Club Leadership Change Form: MSWord PDF


General Considerations for Exchange Matching Process:                PDF
Overview of 2015 Exchange Requests and Hosting Capacity:                PDF
Cooperative Exchanges PDF


Club Guidelines USA:                - PDF
Club Guidelines International:                - PDF
Club Bylaws Sample:            MSWord PDF
Conflict of Interest and Gift Disclosure Sample Policies:            MSWord PDF
SS-4 Template:            - IRS website
Form 1023-EZ Sample:            - PDF
Instructions for Form 1023-EZ:            - PDF


*Note: Items with this symbol * are fillable PDFs. To use one of these files, download it and save it to your computer first. Then, fill in your responses and save again. You must have the most recent version of Adobe Reader (download it for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/). Please be aware that the fillable PDFs may not work for all users.

2017 Friendship Force Policies:                PDF
Health and Mobility Checklist:                PDF*
Exchange Director Manual: PDF
Leadership Information Form: MS Word PDF*

Ambassador Documents
Ambassador Application and Agreement: - PDF
Ambassador Agreement Confirmation: MSWord PDF
Ambassador Emergency Contact Form: MSWord PDF
Ambassador Sample Calendar: - PDF
Ambassador ED Information Checklist: - PDF
Guidelines for Travel Arrangements for US Clubs: - PDF

Host Documents
Host Application and Agreement: MSWord PDF
Host Sample Calendar: - PDF
Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance: MSWord PDF

Ambassador and Host Documents
Potential Host and Ambassadors: Interview Guidelines: MSWord PDF
Ambassador and Host Matching Form: MSWord -
Incident Report Form: MSWord
Exchange Evaluation Form: English Español Deutsch Português Française
Please share this evaluation form with all exchange participants from the Ambassador and Host clubs. We encourage you to also create your own more detailed evaluation form that will help you assess your exchange program. If you would like to receive a summary of responses from this Exchange Evaluation form or would like assistance creating your own evaluation form, please contact the Program Manager who worked with you on the exchange.

Catalog Submission Forms
Ambassador Club Form: MSWord PDF
Host Club Form: MSWord PDF
Global Exchange Form: MSWord PDF

Travel Insurance Information
Purchase Friendship Force Travel Protection Plan: PDF

Friendship Force Travel Protection Plan:
(For Friendship Force members in the US)

Multinational Trip Protection Plan:
(For travel that does not involve the US)
Multinational Plan - Description of Coverage: PDF

Safe Travels USA ​Trip Protection Plan:
(For travel to the US from outside the US)
Safe Travels Plan - Description of Coverage: PDF

Exhibit I - Covered Reasons:

Payment may also be made by wire transfer. Contact your program manager for information.

FFI Organization and Finances 2013: PDF

2012 Annual Report: PDF

Global Expansion Plan: PDF

Report on Email Recruiting Campaign: PDF

Natural Disaster Policy Statement: PDF

Getting the World’s Attention: Information regarding use of the FFI logo (2008, 11:25 minutes): http://youtu.be/AkhZqG96-7o

FFI Audits
2015 Friendship Force Audit: PDF
2014 Friendship Force Audit: PDF
2012-2013 Friendship Force Audit: PDF
2011-2012 Friendship Force Audit: PDF
2010 Friendship Force Audit: PDF
2009 Friendship Force Audit:                PDF
2008 Friendship Force Audit:                PDF

Ready to experience the world? Friendship Force exchanges are designed with a particular format and subject in mind…

Exchange Format Varieties

1. Club-to-club exchanges are the basic FFI program, linking two communities from different regions of the world. Assignments made by FFI match an ambassador (traveling) club with a host club. Both clubs work together to plan a one- to two-week exchange.  The families of the host club provide home stays for the 15-20 ambassadors, introducing them to their daily life and culture. The host club also prepares an interesting itinerary of cultural activities.

2. Global Exchanges are designed to attract applicants from all over the world to join a single exchange. Participants make their own travel arrangements to and from the host community. The whole exchange planning process is completed by the host club. Global exchange participants are recruited with assistance from FFI and use of its email marketing system.

3. Regional Exchanges are organized for multiple clubs within a region to travel together as ambassadors. One ambassador exchange director is selected from among the participating clubs. Examples include All Florida to Hamburg, Germany, and All Indonesia to Rotorua and Napier, New Zealand.

4. Cooperative Exchanges are designed for two or more clubs to travel together as ambassadors, hosted by a single club. An ambassador exchange director and an assistant ambassador exchange director are selected, one from each ambassador club, to recruit participants. Read more.

Exchange Subject Varieties      

All Friendship Force exchanges are cultural exchanges. While some exchanges focus on a specific topic, cultural understanding and friendship is the goal of all programs. The program types below can be applied to any of the formats above.

1. Cultural Exchanges: The basic Friendship Force exchange focuses on the general subject of cultural understanding. The host club introduces the ambassadors (travelers) to their culture through organized activities and sight-seeing tours but especially through home hosting and sharing of everyday experiences. Hosts may show ambassadors their place of work, schools, public buildings or parks, houses of worship, theaters or even grocery stores and markets.

2. Themed Exchanges are organized to bring people together around a particular personal or professional interest. The host program mainly focuses on that theme. Examples include:

a. Special interest:  gardening, biking, hiking, quilting, history, environmental interests, etc.

b. Humanitarian: ambassadors engage in special humanitarian projects.

c. Language Learning:  Exchanges are designed for language instruction and practice.

d. Teachers: Specifically designed for teachers or school administrators, these exchanges include school visits, discussions with other educators, in-the-classroom experience and/or professional development components. The Legacy Fund may be used for scholarships in some cases. (For more information contact Allison Lindsey.)

e. Students: Examples of past student exchanges include high school band exchanges and English language exchanges. Possibilities for other types of student exchanges may be considered. (For more information contact Allison Lindsey.)

3. Discover Exchanges give Friendship Force members a thorough cultural introduction to new countries or regions, particularly where hosting may be limited or not yet available. Discover exchanges feature well-developed and thorough cultural programs, but may include only a brief home stay or even none at all. Current Discover destinations include Morocco, Vietnam, Argentina and Italy, among others.

Other Programs

1. Contract and Partnership Programs: Organizational partnerships, such as FFI’s partnership with the US Library of Congress’s Open World Leadership Program, provide new opportunities for Friendship Force members and promote the FFI mission across the world.

2. Conferences: Each year there are 10-15 regional conferences around the world. FFI organizes an annual World Conference that brings together members from all six continents.
3. Supplemental Exchanges:

a) Domestic exchanges are opportunities for clubs to visit other clubs of the same country. When longer than four days, these are considered official Friendship Force exchanges.

b) European Interclub Visits are 1-4 night visits between neighboring clubs within the EU.

c) Stopover Hospitality refers to 1-3 night home stays provided by a host club to a delegation of ambassadors as they travel to or from a regular exchange.

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